General information

You can reach us:

Európai Ifjúsági Kutató-, Szervezetfejlesztő és Kommunikációs Központ
H-6725 Szeged, Boldogasszony sgt. 6.
Phone/fax number: 62/544-780
Code of permission: Pk.60.149/2004
Tax number: 18473872-2-06
Bank account number: 57400217-11080680

The main aims of the foundation:

• To aid research into the European regional social environment of young people and to assist and organise youth research projects.
• To do sociological research into the system of education (before and after EU accession), the world of labour, democratic social practices, group initiatives, healthy lifestyles (life planning, career planning, career models), protection of the environment and tendencies in environmental training.
• To organise and back up the professional training of young researchers and experts so that they can find their way within Hungarian and international scientific life.
• To organise conferences, debates, lectures, conversations and training programs on youth research and its scientific environment.
• To organise and back up the communicating of youth research both in Hungary and abroad, and to strengthen the scientific position of youth research.
• To build up a national, scientific/information service, which will enable experts and organisations to make use of the benefits of the EU membership of Hungary.

The foundation seeks to fulfil the following tasks:

• It organises and carries out sociological research.
• It does market research and uses public opinion polls.
• It organises and holds conferences.
• It organises and holds debates and meetings.
• It fulfills educational tasks.
• It delivers lectures.
• It organises and holds lectures and ’scientific evenings’.
• It builds up data banks.
• It is involved in publishing.
• It publishes professional communiqués.
• It publishes books.
• It publishes a periodical.
• It announces sociological scholarships.
• It makes applications known.
• It writes, assists and coordinates applications.
• It organises study tours and professional exchange visits.
• It undertakes to attain its aims as related to public utility.